Why Choose Us?



Ensure the local authentic cuisine as our 1st priorities 



Creating unique package to cater various type of communities 


First to Market

Choice of food culinary to enhance food presentation and trending 



Fully tested and R&D on every product and quality at our factory 

Our Strength

Halal Food

Produce by 100% Bumiputera Company

Large Company

More than 700 employees

In-Patient Meals Provider

Provide more than 10,000
in-patients meals for 7 hospitals 

Pack Food Production

Capacity more than
30,000 pack foods per day 

Fully Integrated Central Kitchen

New Factory equipped with high-end and most efficient food and packaging machinery 


More than 50 experiences
and dieticians 

Reliable Food Management

5 stars food and beverage services 

Our Speciality

Specialize in managing FB 


Our Expertise

Venturing into Food Solution Industry 

1. Hospital In – Patients Meal
2. Hotel & Management Services
3. Restaurant & Café Design Operate
4. Ready To Eat (RTE) & Pack Foods
5. Catering & Event Organizer
6. Central Production Kitchen 

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